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Ramona Karlsson’s goal is to run her own international Supercar team in 2015. If she succeeds, she will be the world’s first female driver to do so. Now she invites her fans to join, to help her succeed.

Swedish-born Karlsson, one of world’s most successful female rally drivers, crossed over to rallycross to drive a Supercar in last year’s FIA World Rallycross Championship. It was a trial season where Karlsson wanted to test an RX Supercar and to see if it suited her. And it did. The idea of starting her own team surfaced after only a few races, and Karlsson has worked towards this goal since last autumn. Ramonas goal 2015 is to start and run her own team in Rallycross European Championships and World Championship in Höljes, Sweden.

”Motorsport has been my biggest interest since I was a little girl, and I have a a lot of passion for the sport. But it has always been characterised by a macho culture, which sometimes can create tough conditions for women to suceed in the sport.  It would be a big dream come true to work with people with the same attitude and values, and to build up something  for the long term. This is what I want to do, and I want to start it now,” explained Karlsson.

Karlsson has worked tirelessly with sponsors to finalise her budget. But now she would like to turn to her fans for collecting the remaining budget. Together with the crowdfunding company ”Fundedbyme”, she invites her fans to become part of her team and to make her big dream turn into a reality.

She added: ”I invite my fans and everybode else to become a part of a rallycross team that wants to win, and  also want to make difference.  It’s true that I’ve always been the only woman at the starting line. I don’t se this as a mission to change the motorsport culture for my own sake  – I want this to be something for everybody, both women and men. Motorsport, as well as all other sports, shall be available for everybody, and I don’t really think that shoud be a big deal.

Since Karlsson was a little girl, she has competed against men. If Karlsson succeeds in her dream to run her own Supercar team, she will create motorsport history once again.  The campaign starts at Friday February 20 and continues for 30 days. If Ramona succeed with her goal of reaching the remaining 31406 EUR that is missing, she will succeed to run the FIA Rallycross European Championships and World Championships in Höljes with her own team in 2015. Support the campaign on THIS LINK.