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Photo: Mike Peffers
After a very strong and fast driving at Rally World Championships in New Zealand, Ramona and Miriam were heading towards a second place in PWRC – their first podium place in World Championship. But at the end of second day the car caught fire, and the car was totally burned out. Since then, the girls have been determinded to come back in a rally car as soon as possible again, and have worked hard to solve the situation. The rally car was insured, but before the process is finished they need a spare car, since Rally Germany is coming up soon.
But thanks to their sponsor Mitsubishi Motors Sweden, the girls now have found a solution to have a new Mitsubishi EVO X for Rally Germany.

 – “We are many that support and beleive in Ramona och Miriam, and we think it is very important that they can continue their season. As the only female team in World Championships, Ramona and Miriam are making something unique – and the girls have also proved that they can belong to the world top. Therefore we think that it is very important that these talanted girls can continue in a competitive car, and to bo back in the seats again as soon as possible”, Niclas Larsered, marketing manager at Mitsubishi Motors Sweden, says.

It is a lot of work left to settle the rest, but now Ramona and Miriam can relax a bit after this positive news.

– “It feels really good that we can start to prepare for the next race. Mitsubishi EVO X is the car that we think is the best in our class, and the car that we want to continue in. To have the opportunity to continue the season in the best way and in the same car – makes us very comfortable and happy. We are really grateful for our close and positive cooperation with Mitsubishi, and that they helped us solve this situation, Ramona and Miriam says.

Rally Germany starts 24th of August, and will be Ramona and Miriams first tarmac competition. – It will be really interesting and exhiting to drive on a “new” surface, and we can’t hardly wait to start with the tests, Ramona positively says .