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In a few days’ time RamonaRX will be back on the track, this time in Norway, at Hell near Trondheim. Over the past month since her last competition, Ramona and the team have been working tirelessly on getting the VW Scirocco race-ready after the engine failure suffered on the third heat in Holjes, back in July. Ramona herself has been kept busy on sponsor events in addition to lecturing as part of her motivational programs. Now, Team RamonaRX turn their attention to Hell and race preparations for this weekend.

“The season has been quite the challenge and a bit of a roller coaster so far! The highs for instance after a great drive gave me the heat victory at my debut in Belgium or in Germany when excellent lap times put me in 4th place on the EuroRX leader board during the competition. Then of course the disheartening lows if I made a slight mistake or when I had to retire in my third heat due to engine trouble in front of my home crowd in Sweden. Rallycross can be fraught with frustrations but this is part of the attraction and one of the elements that fuels my resolve to remain focused on the task ahead. Taking into account Rallycross’s dynamic nature and fierce competition, standings can change all the time but if we are able to have four good heats, a podium place is definitely achievable. This absolutely is our goal! We are hoping for a great competition in Hell, Norway!”

As ever, Team RamonaRX have their eye on the prize and they look forward to your support over the weekend!

Event updates will be posted both here and more frequently on RamonaRX’s Facebook page during the event 21-23 August.
Updates can also be found on the official FIA Rallycross site

As fans of Ramona, you will already know that Ramona meets any challenge head on. This has been her ideology from the start. Earlier in the season Gustaf Andersson from Enterprise Magazine got the chance to learn a bit more about Ramona, her past accomplishments and current goals. The article was published in Sweden and Ramona graced the front cover! It was only printed in Swedish however, here is the translation for her International fans and supporters! Read it here: Ramona’s Enterprise Magazine Interview

Press Release/Photo:CooperKinetix