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Bild: Gustav Mårtensson


    SYSTEMS for GAME in a LOTTERY and program for a replacement of numbers in a system on your numbers.

    Any system cost 99 $ + program 1 $ = 100 $(USA).

    Each variant of any system consists of 6 numbers, for example: 01 07 09 12 19 20.

    The list of systems: on 20 numbers (30 variants), on 19 numbers (26 variants), on 18 numbers (23 variants), on 17 numbers (19 variants), on 16 numbers (16 variants), on 15 numbers (13 variants).

    To learn more (and then to order) write on E-mail: [email protected], or better send SMS with the name yours of E-Mail, on mobile number: (+380 95 6058900). To you will be sent(free of charge): a system on 10 numbers as an example, and characteristic of each system (for the choice of the order of system).